Numerology is a belief that there is a relationship between numbers and living things. Numerology is frequently used to predict the characteristics of a person based on their birth date and the significance of certain dates in their lives.

Numbers act in mysterious ways in our lives. I began to think that stock market that is so volatile and dependent on numbers should have some influence from numerology. But since a stock doesn't have a birth date or a name, how do we define the numerological influence on the stock market. I have seen some analysis over the internet about a number influence on the type of industry etc., but I didn't quite buy the concept. Hence I decided to take a scientific approach. If numerology does affect stock market, then instead of trying to find a favorable number from a ticker symbol or the company name, I thought that I should let the data speak for itself. Hence I collected the data for quite some stocks and studied the upward stock movement for each stock on a particular day. Data was collected between Jan 1 2001 and Dec 31 2010 for all the stocks and analyzed. The result of the analysis is this blog. Two types of analysis are presented in this blog.

1. Favorable days for a specific stock ticker symbol
2. Daily predictions

Favorable days for a specific stock ticker symbol

To explain the analysis, let us consider the example of Apple Inc (AAPL). For this stock, the data collected between Jan 1 2001 and Dec 31 2010 shows that on the dates that have a numerological value of 4, the stock moved upwards 161 times and moved downwards 128 times. This brings a positive percentage of 55.71 for AAPL on dates having a numerological date value of 4. Based on these, the most favorable dates for AAPL in the future were selected.

Daily Predictions:

For daily predictions about 1500 stocks that have a market cap greater than 100 million dollars and an average volume greater than 200,000 were selected. The data for these stocks between Jan 1 2001 and Dec 31 2010 was analyzed and the most favorable number for a given stock is selected. Based on these data, the top 20 stocks for a given day are predicted to have a favorable upward movement on a given day.

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